Rolfing Structural Integration Sessions

Dr. Barry Nutter is a certified Rolfing Practitioner trained in Ida P. Rolf's method of Structural Integration also known as Rolfing. Dr. Barry Nutter has been a Rolf Practitioner since 1975.

Rolfing is a serious process of body, mind, emotion, spiritual transformation that occurs as a result of balancing the physical body within the field of gravity. 

Watch Dr. Nutter's Introduction to Rolfing:

Rolfing FAQs

What is the purpose of Rolfing?

To align the physical body within the field of gravity

Who invented Rolfing?

Rolfing was invented by Dr. Ida Rolf

How many sessions are there?

Sessions work over a 10 session period where each session works on a different part of your body. 


What are benefits of Rolfing®?

Promotes mobility

Can enhance breathing

Improves posture

Leads to greater balance and stability

Can alleviate pain

Improves proprioception (body perception)

Has a positive effect on the mind