ElectroDermal Screening (EDS)

There are multiple toxins in the air, on the land, and in the water. They enter the body in silence and begin early degenerative processes. Most people are unaware of this silent degenerative process happening. They may report simply feeling low energy.  Our goal with EDS is to determine the substance or dis-ease  processes that has a negative affect the immune system.  When you know what is causing weakness and stress then you can work to remove the negative substance and strengthen the immune system. 

EDS testing can be used to determine if a vitamin, or dietary supplement will be tolerated or compatible for a patient.  We can also test to see if someone has been negatively exposed to a chemical, a toxin, a disease, a parasite, an immunization or a food additive.   If someone is having a negative reaction to a prescription drug or over the counter medicine, it can also be measured.

Watch Dr. Nutter demonstrate an ElectroDermal Screening:

ElectroDermal Screening (EDS) FAQs

What is EDS?

The skin has acupuncture points and meridians that are well known and studied for thousands of years. These points and meridians are the chosen places of measurement for EDS.  Our system uses the points on the hands and feet. 

What is the purpose of EDS?

To test your body for heavy metals, toxins, food sensitivities, environmental toxins like roundup,

What are the EDS Sessions like?

EDS initial sessions can last up to 3 hours. We go through an extensive testing list to make sure we have the clear picture. 

What happens after the EDS Session?

After testing for over 250 sensitivities and toxins Dr. Nutter creates a remedy that you take every day that helps to balance your body. 

What are the benefits of EDS sessions?

The greatest benefit is to find out the state of health of your organs and tissues.  This state of health is appropriately named “biological age”.  Many people tested with EDS find their biological age is older than their natural age and there is a silent process of disease occurring.  The good news is now they are able to take measures to stop it.