Beam Ray Technology

The Beam Ray is a light and sound generator developed from the technology of Royal Raymond Rife. Rife invented a powerful light microscope that had magnification of 60,000times.  With this invention he and other scientists were able to see microbes and viruses that were previously unknown.

The Beam Ray light and sound generator was programmed to produce a frequency that would kill harmful microorganisms, in the same way that a singer shatters a glass with a focused tone.  Rife was able to determine with his microscope the frequency that would demolish the organism.  He could then program the Beam Ray to that specific frequency and there by destroy the organism.

Watch Dr. Nutter's Overview of the Beam Ray Technology:

Beam Ray FAQs

What is the Beam Ray?

The Beam Ray is programmed to that specific frequency which thereby destroys the offending organism. Today's Beam Ray device is a non-invasive upright computer with argon gas based twin light bulb tubes and produces specific programmed light frequencies to each targeted organism.

What is the purpose of the Beam Ray?

To kill off toxic bacteria, fungus, parasites, viruses that we accumulated in our bodies over time from eating food, interacting with our environment, talking on the phone, driving our car. 

What are the Beam Ray sessions like?

Sessions last 90 minutes where the patient sits in the room with the beam ray light on relaxing, reading a book while the beam-ray runs the frequency program that releases the toxins and bacteria that store in your body. 

Who is the Beam Ray for?

The beam-ray is for all types of Adults and children. Common sessions are for lyme disease, release cancer cells,