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Electro Dermal Screening

Electro-Dermal Screening Testing (EDS)

By Dr. Barry Nutter, D.C.


The skin has acupuncture points and meridians that are well known and studied for thousands of years. These points and meridians are the chosen places of measurement for EDS.  Our system uses the points on the hands and feet. 

EDS testing can be used to determine if a vitamin, or dietary supplement will be tolerated or compatible for a patient.  We can test to see if someone has been negatively exposed to a chemical, a toxin, a disease, a parasite, an immunization or a food additive.   If someone is having a negative reaction to a prescription drug or over the counter medicine, it can be measured. There are multiple toxins in the air, on the land, and in the water. They enter the body in silence and begin early degenerative processes. Most people are unaware of this silent degenerative process happening. They may report simply feeling low energy. 

Our goal with EDS is to determine the substance or dis-ease  processes that has a negative affect the immune system.  When you know what is causing weakness and stress then you can work to remove the negative substance and strengthen the immune system. 

When someone comes in to our office for Electro-Dermal Screening testing we recommend that they bring their medicines, supplements, cosmetics, and toothpaste, laundry detergent, and other things that they use daily.  If they suspect that they are allergic to dogs, cats, birds, weeds, trees plants or flowers, they can bring a small sample of these things. The sample is used in the testing process to see if there is a positive, negative, or neutral effect on the immune system.  Substances that stress the immune system will cause weakness in the system.  Ultimately, early aging and degeneration will silently take over. 

EDS testing for vitamins and supplements evaluates three categories: tolerance, compatibility, and necessity.  A person may tolerate a supplement, and it may be compatible for them, however it may not be necessary to take it.  Why take a vitamin or mineral if you get those nutrients from the food you eat?  Many supplements tested are inferior and have a negative effect on people.  However, the positive effect of a good supplement can transform the body toward good health. That is healthy information! 

There are some foods and beverages, spices, food additives, and flavorings that are not compatible for some people.  Everyone is different.  No two people are alike.  It is important to evaluate the foods and flavorings and beverages that we consume to

know if our body silently reacting and degenerating, or if our body is growing in health. 

Why would someone benefit by having EDS testing?  The greatest benefit is to find out the state of health of your organs and tissues.  This state of health is appropriately named “biological age”.  Many people tested with EDS find their biological age is older than their natural age and there is a silent process of disease occurring.  The good news is now they are able to take measures to stop it. 

How accurate and reliable is the EDS testing?  I tested a patient with no history of a tick bite.  She had severe arthritic pain and very low energy. EDS tests revealed she showed signals of Lyme’s disease.  Clinical blood tests later revealed she in fact had Lyme’s disease.  My mother tested positive for signals of cervical cancer.  Testing at Mayo Clinic later revealed she did have cervical cancer.  A teenager with a fever, low energy and flu symptoms tested for signals of West Nile Virus.  Later tests at the health department revealed he was suffering from the West Nile Virus.  There are many cases of EDS tests that were later confirmed by clinical tests.  All of these people are alive and well today, because they were able to take action and take control of their health.  Informed and well educated patients of the future will choose EDS testing as a healthy alternative to monitor their state of health.

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